Our History

Among the largest gasoil, gasoline, bitumen and fuel oil traders

We launched a commodities business in Lebanon in 1937, starting out as a grain and asphalt trading company. In 1963, we entered the Lebanese oil industry. At first, we were primarily involved in the local marketing of oil products and the importation of bitumen. However, six years later in 1969, we began trading oil in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabian Gulf.

After cementing our position as an industry pioneer in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, we entered the Black Sea, European, Asian and US markets. Today our trading activities span across the five continents internationally.

We have grown to employ a group of more than 400 employees and are capitalising on our hard-earned expertise and long-standing commercial relationships by entering new markets and expanding business lines.

1937 – The Group began its commodities business trading in grain and asphalt
1963 – The Group enters the Lebanese oil industry
1969 – Began trading oil in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabian Gulf
1972 – Achieves its first $US one million turnover
1974 – Acquires terminal and distribution company Mediterranean Petroleum Company (MPC)
1974 – The Group launches UK operations with an office in London
1975 – Greek office opens
1981 – Singapore office opens
2004 – UAE office opens
2011 – Created 3B Group
2012 – Record traded volumes 11.2 million mt
2012 – Established Revolving Credit Facility (RCF)
2012 – Strategic refocus on Crude oil
2013 – Afghanistan office opens
2013 – Invested in Omera Petroleum in Bangladesh
2013 – First Borrowing Base Facility (BBF) for $400 million
2014 – Kuala Lumpur office opens
2014 – Record traded volumes 17 million mt
2015 – New offices in Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Turkey and Zimbabwe
2016 – Houston office opens
2016 – Acquired Citypet in Turkey​
2017 – New offices in Belgium, France and Moscow
2017 – Record traded volumes 20 million mt
2018 – Acquired Societe Petroliere in Rwanda
2018 – Nigeria office opens
2019 – Morocco office opens
2020 – Invested in Euro Oil in Pakistan
2020 – Set up an Energy Renewables division in Singapore
2020 – BBE D a new holding company formed in Singapore to manage downstream Oil & Gas
2021 – Acquired Solarcentury Africa