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On August 4, Lebanon witnessed a devastating explosion in the Port of Beirut, that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people and injured thousands.


This comes on the heels of an economic and financial meltdown that has already led to so much human suffering, followed by the COVID19 outbreak and now an explosion that has not only caused devastating destruction but effectively has severed the artery of all imports into the country.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that have been effected by this tragedy and BBenergy is focusing on immediate relief as well as long-term support for the people of Lebanon. 


COVID 19 is impacting everyone globally and in every aspect of our daily life.

We have activated business continuity plan and actively monitoring the situation at our key offices and locations. We continue to modify response to the ever-changing conditions.

A large number of our employees are operating remotely. We want to reassure you that we are fully operational and continue to be available for you during these challenging times. We are committed to the continuity of all our business activities.

At B.B. Energy our key focus remains the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and continued services to our customers.

Be safe and healthy! We are together we can STOP the spread of COVID 19.

Core Mission

BB Energy is one of the world's leading independent energy trading companies. For over five decades we have been applying our depth of specialist experience to oil refining, logistics, storage and financing across the world.

With challenges consistently facing the energy industry, we are constantly evolving, using advanced systems, procedures and processes to provide the best answers for our clients. This evolutionary approach not only applies to our services, but also our people. All of which can give our clients a competitive edge.


Our experienced traders are situated in our offices throughout the globe; industry specialists who count gas, crude oil, light and middle distillates, as well as bitumen, as their specialities. These trading experts are supported by a highly skilled team of operations, shipping and finance personnel concentrated in Athens.

BB Energy has cemented its position as a pioneer in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions and built exceptionally strong ties with the Middle East. From these core markets BB Energy has expanded its activities from the Far East to the Americas.


We are committed to acting as a model corporate citizen at all times and benefitting the local communities in which we operate.

BB Energy places emphasis on environmental protection as well as health and safety, particularly regarding oil-related storage activities. 

Employees are required to act honestly and ethically when dealing with business counterparts. A zero tolerance approach to any deviance from such requirement is adopted throughout the group.

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