Our Group

Key companies

Main trading companies:

BB Energy (Asia) Pte. Ltd based in Singapore has an experienced trading team, operating across the industry capitalizing on both trading and selective investment opportunities in the area. BB Energy was one of the first oil companies to open offices in the region in 1980 and helped develop it into the key global market place that it is today.

BB Energy (Gulf) DMCC was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), to emphasize our belief in the growing importance of the UAE region for refined product sourcing. 

BB Energy Trading Ltd based in London, UK, is staffed by experienced traders in the oil industry and covers most of the regional activities of the group in Europe and North America.

BB Energy USA LLC  in Houston, Texas was opened in order to enhance sourcing capabilities from the US in addition to developing domestic trading activites in North America and increase our trading flows to South America. 

3B Trading DMCC is a subsidiary of the 3B group and an international trading company focused on bitumen. 


BB Energy Management S.A. located in Athens, Greece, is a key operational and risk management base for some of the group's trading activity. Our team has both broad and long-standing experience in the business and their experience plays a vital role in the day-to-day administrative support of trade activities.

BB Management S.A.L. in Beirut, Lebanon, focuses on the development and investment activities of our oil business. This office primarily handles our relations with Middle East governments and regional national oil companies.

Logistics and distribution:

Hydrocarbon Products Company (Hypco S.A.L.) was established in 1965, today it is one of the leading fuel distributors in the Lebanese market through its network of service stations throughout the country. Hypco is also the sole distributor of Shell Lubricants in Lebanon.

3B Group

Maris Petrokimya is located in the port of Mersin, Turkey, and is the only storage facility dedicated to the imports of bitumen into the South Eastern region of Turkey. 

3B Shipping operates a logistics network. Through the charter and ownership of vessels, this allows us to optimize our bitumen supply chain management.